Canon Aquilion One TSX-301A/2C CT Scanner – Advanced Imaging Technology for Precision Diagnostics

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Bullet Points:

  1. CARDIAC PERFORMANCE: Unleash comprehensive heart assessments with our cardiac-enabled CT Scanner.
  2. PRECISION IMAGING: Customize scans with VARIABLE HELICAL PITCH for unparalleled precision.
  3. SURE SUBTRACTION TECHNOLOGY: Achieve clarity with Sure Subtraction, including Brain and neck applications.
  4. DUAL-ENERGY CAPABILITIES: Enhance tissue differentiation and diagnostic accuracy with dual-energy imaging.
  5. INSTALLED 2011, UPDATED 2023: Long-lasting reliability with an install date of 05/09/2011 and a recent tube update on 09/09/2023.
  6. ADVANCED SOFTWARE: Stay at the forefront with software version 4.63R004 for the latest imaging technology.
  7. EXTENSIVE SLICE COUNT: Benefit from a substantial slice count of 27752111 (as of Sept 2017) for detailed imaging


Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the Canon Aquilion One TSX-301A/2C CT Scanner, a cutting-edge medical imaging solution designed to revolutionize patient care. This state-of-the-art scanner, installed on 05/09/2011, boasts a software version of 4.63R004, ensuring you have access to the latest in imaging technology.

Key Features:

  1. CARDIAC ENABLED: Unleash the power of cardiac imaging for comprehensive heart assessments, providing invaluable insights for medical professionals.
  2. VARIABLE HELICAL PITCH: Experience unparalleled imaging precision with adjustable helical pitch, allowing for customized scans tailored to specific patient needs.
  3. SURE SUBTRACTION: Enjoy advanced Sure Subtraction technology, including Brain and neck applications, enhancing clarity and detail for accurate diagnostics.
  4. DUAL ENERGY: Benefit from dual-energy imaging capabilities, providing enhanced tissue differentiation and expanding diagnostic possibilities.

Technical Specifications:

  • Install Date: 05/09/2011
  • Tube Serial Number: 47216-1U (Installed 09/09/2023)
  • Slice Count (As of Sept 2017): 27752111

Empower your medical facility with the Canon Aquilion One TSX-301A/2C CT Scanner, where cutting-edge technology meets reliability.


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