If you are searching for a wide collection of Anaesthetic machines at affordable rates, then here it is. At Ayan Medical Imaging, you will get perfectly affordable Anaesthetic machines with all the modern specifications. How? This is because we offer refurbished machines that mean with complete customization, we have made specialized machines that can serve you as per your needs and requirements. 

Exclusive offers for refurbished Anaesthetic machine 

While getting our refurbished anesthetic machine from us, you can enjoy a number of unbelievable offers. Here’s the glimpse of them, 

Manually refurbished: We provide a refurbished machine that is manually crafted by customizing other specialized features in it. Hence, you will get more features in our refurbished anesthetic machine at affordable prices. 

MRI Compatibility: Our Anaesthetic machine is also compatible with an MRI scan. This is enormous as if you want to get this feature in any new anesthetic machine, you may need to pay more along with other important features that may be compromised. Moreover, brands to brands differ in providing MRI compatibility, which will not be there with our refurbished one. We get important features from other similar brands and then customize them in our piece to provide a perfect device of your requirement. 

Portable configuration: The best part of our device is its portable configuration. It can be easily installed anywhere you take easily and there is no hassle of the installation process. Irrespective of the space, you can get it configured wherever you feel its necessity. Moreover, you will get assistance from our experts as well in case of any issue with the device. 

Before handing it over to you, we ensure that all these specifications are perfectly fulfilled. Order our fully-customized and specialized refurbished anesthetic machine that comes perfectly within your budget. Try now!

Aayan medical imaging offers mannually refurbished used anesthesia machines from industry top most brands. Our used anesthesia machines are available with a wide range of premium features. Before shipping, we also insure MRI-compatibility, integrated connectivity, portable configurations and proprietary anesthesia vaporizers.