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Established in 1999 Aayan Medical Imaging has established itself at the forefront of diagnostic and technological distribution.

Our successful relationship with our clients and contacts ensures that we are able to develop a high quality, thorough service that meets your needs. We are able to provide a complete package of equipment sales, Rental, installation and removal thanks to our experienced engineering teams and customer-tailored solutions. Whatever you need, we can help make the picture clearer.We trade with the rest of the world Import and Export of medical equipment.

Equipment Sales

AMI maintains a full inventory of diagnostic imaging equipment and supplies complete with all modalities and manufacturers. With the same turn-key and recurring benefits as purchasing from the OEM, we help you capitalize on your capital investment and reduce your overhead by purchasing equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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About us
About us

Equipment Rentals

We understand the value of having options when it comes to your capital requirements. AMI offers our clients the opportunity to rent both mobile and fixed units for the short and long terms, which affords our clients the luxury of replacing an lumpy fixed costs with a monthly variable option. Consult your account representative for options on your imaging needs or reach out to us today at sales@aayanmedical.co.uk

AMI is a full service provider of Medical Imaging Equipment including Used MRI, Used Mobile MRI, Used CT Scan, Used Radiology Equipment, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, MRI Rentals, CT Scan Rentals, and PET/CT Rentals from manufacturers including GE, Philips, Toshiba, and Siemens.

We are a professional, reliable service and commit to providing the customer tailored solutions.